Heeley City Farm


Please note: Our reception desk is run by a volunteers may not always be staffed, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.


Contact the reception desk for general enquiries about the Farm.

Phone: 0114 258 0482
Email: info@heeleyfarm.org.uk
The Farm Kitchen

Contact Alison the Cafe Manager in The Farm Kitchen if you have any enquiries about menus, dietary requirements, or hire the venue.

Name: Alison
Phone: 0114 258 0244
Email: alison.kitchen@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Garden Centre

Sharon Claxton is the Garden Centre Supervisor - contact her for all enquiries about garden plants and hanging basket orders. Please note the Garden Centre has no direct line and when emailing please be aware that Sharon only accesses emails once a week so for urgent enquiries it is better to ring.

Name: Sharon Claxton
Phone: 0747 195 2628
Email: gardencentre@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Supported Placements for Adults With Learning Difficulties & Disabilities

Aloysius Lalloo (Aly) is the Supported Learning Manager. Contact Ali if you'd like to arrange a placement or are interested in volunteering with the group.

Name: Aloysius Lalloo
Phone: 0114 250 5111
Email: special@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Youth Training & Placements

For information about VSP and other youth training placements on the Farm please contact Julie Blacker.

Name: Julie Blacker
Phone: 0114 250 5116
Email: julie.blacker@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Safe Places

Saskia Peet is our Safe Places coordinator and is working with other partner organisations in Sheffield to combat hate crimes against those with disabilities and/or mental health illness.

Name: Saskia Peet
Phone: 0114 250 5106
Email: safeplaces@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Dementia Projects

Lee Pearse is heading up our new dementia department, along with his brother Andrew, working closely with Sheffield Dementia Action Alliance, Alzheimer's Research UK, Alzheimer's Society, Cerebral Function Unit and their own charity the Valerie Foundation. Lee is also the National Dementia Champion for Alzheimer's Research UK.

Name: Lee Pearse
Phone: 0114 250 5107
Email: lee@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Group/School Visits

If you are planning a group visit to the Farm please contact Sarah Wild and she can advise you about planning your trip.

Name: Sarah Wild
Phone: 0114 250 5105
Email: s.wild@heeleyfarm.org.uk

Heeley City Farm is open to volunteers from ages 8 upwards. Without all our brilliant volunteers we couldn't provide half the services we do so if you'd like to get involved please get in touch. Just be aware that there may be a waiting list for some volunteer positions so please be patient; we will contact you when a position becomes available.

Under 18s
Name: Rachel Gilbert
Phone: 0114 258 0482
Email: rachel.gilbert@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Main Farm Site - 18+
Name: Aly Lalloo
Phone: 0114 250 5111
Email: special@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Local Food Growing
Name: Darrell
Email: darrell@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Email: sharon.syec@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Events and Publicity, Community Fundraising

Our events and publicity officer is currently off, if you have any enquires about current events, up coming events and any community fundraising questions to the main office.

Phone: 0114 258 0482
Email: info@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Heritage & Archaeology Projects

Courtenay is the Heritage Officer at Heeley City Farm - contact Courtenay for information and events about archaeology, heritage and our Iron Age Roundhouse project.

Name: Courtenay or Laura
Phone: 0114 250 5120
Email: courtenay@heeleyfarm.org.uk
South Yorkshire Energy Centre (SYEC)

Sharon will give you all the info you will need to know about the energy centre and the projects.

Name: Sharon
Email: sharon.syec@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Health & Practice Champions
Name: Sharon
Email: sharon.syec@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Large Animal Enquiries

If you have any enquires about the large animals on the Farm please contact Sarah Wild.

Name: Sarah Wild
Phone: 0114 250 5105
Email: s.wild@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Local Food Growing

Heeley City Farm manages over 20 food growing projects across Sheffield, many of them funded by the Big Lottery Fund.

General Food Project Enquiries & Wortley Hall Kitchen Garden

Darrell is our Local Food Growing Manager - contact him for general enquiries about our projects, our courses on organic food growing or for info about Wortley Hall Kitchen Garden.

Name: Darrell
Phone: 0776 893 2613
Email: darrell@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Norfolk Park Community Garden & Meersbrook Walled Garden

Nick Horne manages our Meersbrook and Norfolk Park sites including our bee hives.

Name: Nick Horne
Phone: 0794 118 2028
Email: nhorne@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Firth Park Community Allotment

Dot Rodman manages our family community allotment at Firth Park  - contact her for enquiries about opening times and sessions.

Name: Dot Rodman
Phone: 0798 542 1346
Email: dot.rodman@heeleyfarm.org.uk
DBS (formally CRB) Checks/Disclosure and Barring Service

Sam Bennett is our DBS administrator - contact Sam for any enquiries about our DBS service.

Name: Sam Bennett
Phone: 0114 250 5110
Email: finance@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Finance, HR and Admin

Gloria Ward & Sam Bennett work in our finance, HR and admin office

Name: Gloria Ward
Phone: 0114 258 0482
Email: admin@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Name: Sam Bennett
Phone: 0114 258 0482
Email: finance@heeleyfarm.org.uk
Chief Executive
Name: Sue Pearson
Phone: 0114 258 0482
Email: sue@heeleyfarm.org.uk
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2nd January 2019 - Happy New Year everyone!! The Farm offices are back open today! The Cafe and the garden centre re-open next Monday, 7th January!

The Farm Kitchen

Wednesday 16th January

  • Soup

    Butternut Squash and Cumin

  • Mains

    Roasted Vegetable Lasagne

    Cauliflower and Potato Curry

  • Potatoes