Heeley City Farm

Organic Food Growing Master Classes
Saturday 27th April to Saturday 18th May

Our Local Food Manager, Darrell, is running a course to learn the know-how for organic growing!

Starting on Saturday 27th April and lasting for the following 3 weeks. Each sessions will be 10am till 1pm at Wortley Hall Walled Garden. Each session will cover a different topic, as follows;

Saturday 27th April: SOIL & COMPOST - An introduction to understanding what you need to know about this fundamental topic, good soil being the key to healthy crops. Methods of identifying types of soil, improving soils with green manures and conditioners. How to make and use compost and leafmould for healthy and productive crops from your garden.

Saturday 4th May: PROPAGATION - Economical ways of making more food plants from seeds and plant materials, including sowing in cells and modules, taking cuttings, layering and grafting. Demonstrations and some practical activities will be available. Making your own compost for raising seedlings, growing in containers, making liquid feeds and plant tonics.

Saturday 11th May: CROPS - Exploring the range of crops we can grow in our region, including cultivation methods, weeding techniques, rotations, intercropping, catch cropping, extending the season and growing under cover (polytunnels, greenhouses, cloches etc). Organic approaches to preventing and controlling pests and diseases.

Saturday 18th May: FRUIT & PERENNIALS - Exploring the range of fruiting tree/bush crops and their suitability to your garden. Planting, cultivation and pruning methods. Pests and disease prevention, harvesting and storage methods. We will also look at other useful perennial crops and herbs.

£15 per session per person (plus booking fee)

Places must be booked in advance via eventbrite or paying in cash at the Heeley Farm finance office

Contact Darrell for more info at darrell@heeleyfarm.org.uk

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13th March 2019 - The card machine in the cafe is back up and running! :)

The Farm Kitchen

Friday 22nd March

  • Soup

    Italian Veg

  • Mains

    Leek and Potato Gratin

    Vegan Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry

  • Potatoes

    Salt and Pepper