Heeley City Farm

Farm Produce

At the Farm we produce many different things. Depending on the time of year you will find alot of different items you can purchase.

Fruit and veg

We have a growing area here at the Farm and this is picked most Fridays, depending on whenever you visit our on site garden centre you may come across some of our wonderful fresh fruit and veg. We also have sites across Sheffield that grow produce which will make its way to the Garden Centre for you to buy.


At our apiary in Norfolk Park and at sites in Ringinglow and Langsett Moor we have multiple colonies of bees where we are able to produce Heeley City Farm honey which is available in the Farm Kitchen (our main site cafe). Our honey is raw and unblended. And (depending on when you visit) comes in different varieties including Lime Flower and Blossom.


Whilst at the Farm don't forget to pop to the Garden Centre (or the office if the Garden Centre have run out) and pick up some fresh, free range chicken and duck eggs. You will often see our staff picking up eggs from around the Duck and Chicken Pond, well these go straight to the Garden Centre for you to buy, thats how fresh they are.

£1.50 for 6 chicken eggs

£2 for 6 Duck Eggs

£1.20 for 6 Bantam Eggs

Animal Sponsorship Boxes

You can also sponsor one of our lovely animals by purchasing one of our Animal Sponsorship Boxes. Inside the box you will find an info card about your chosen animal along with a certificate of sponsorship (which has a blank space on that you can fill in if it is a present for someone), two animal finger puppets, pencil and animal sticker set, a key of your sponsered animal and some animal feed. Plus the knowledge that the money used to buy the sponsorship box will go to the upkeep of the animal. You can pick up the Sponsorship Boxes from The Farm Kitchen.

Wooden Crafts

You will often find some lovely hand made wooden items in the Garden Centre, made right here on the farm by some of our groups, you will often find Bird/Bat boxes, insect backs, habitiat boxes and planters. Our woodwork group have also been know to create bespoke animal runs (for guinea pigs, rabbits etc). At Christmas time you may also see wooden deer around the Garden Centre and polytunnels.

Garden Centre

Of course we can't talk about the Garden Centre without talking about the array of plants, flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees. We also make and sell hanging baskets in the Spring going into Summer months and we also have handmade Christmas Wreath made by the Garden centre staff. We also run a 'Rent A Christmas Tree' programme every year where you borrow an Xmas Tree from us in December and bring it back after the Festival season is over where we carry on letting the Tree grow ready for you to come back and get the same one the following year

Recipe Book

Over the Summer of 2017 we had a MA placement student from the University of Sheffield here at the Farm looking into food and eating habits. Over this time Hannah spoke to the staff and volunteers about food and their favourite recipes which we have now turned into a book. For £3 you can buy the book thats filled with all our favourite recipes. You can pick up the book from The Farm Kitchen or The Garden Centre 

HCF Lottery

You can also sign up to our Farm Lottery, for just £4 a month you can be entered into our monthly draw. 60% goes into the prize and 40% goes to the running of the Farm. The more people we have the bigger the prize. For more info or to download the Lottery leaflet and register farm visit our HCF Lottery page

***Help Heeley City Farm by donating, visit our JustGiving page to donate. Even the smallest amount can help the work we do to continue! For more info on how people can help the Farm go to our Donate Page***

*** We now have an Amazon Wishlist where you can buy things that the Farm needs for us as a way of donating***

16th May 2019 - Congrats to this month's lottery winner, number 1020. For more info on the HCF Lottery and to download an application form visit https://www.heeleyfarm.org.uk/page/hcf-lottery

The Farm Kitchen

Monday 24th June

  • Soup

    Chunky Italian Veg

  • Mains

    Cheddar and Red Onion Broccoli Quiche

    Red Onion and Sweet Chilli Burgers

  • Potatoes

    Salt and Pepper