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South Yorkshire Energy Centre

South Yorkshire Energy Centre is a unique not-for-profit, energy efficiency demonstration centre in Sheffield. 

We're dedicated to keeping local people warm and comfortable - we're here with help to find better energy deals, manage your bills, and improve your home's energy efficiency.

Our friendly staff and volunteers can give you ideas and inspiration to take practical steps - from low-cost measures, such as draught-proofing and energy saving top tips, through to solar panels and ground source heat pumps.

So, what can the South Yorkshire Energy Centre do for YOU!?

Help make your fuel bills more affordable
FREE assistance to find cheaper energy tariffs, practical draught-proofing actions, and access to financial help. 

Energy Efficiency
promoting simple day-to-day steps to save energy, gives real assistance to make homes warmer, and demonstrates insulation and green technology to reduce carbon emissions. 

We have real working examples of solar hot water, solar PV (electricity), battery storage, a ground source heatpump and underfloor heating, and grey water capture systems to examine. 

We have information on cycle routes in and around Sheffield; and data on electric vehicles (EV's) to help decision-making.


We have some fun activities exploring energy generation and usage, suitable for all ages. We host school visits and welcome home-schooled visitors. We have a wealth of free leaflets and information to support learning, as well as experienced and knowledgeable staff and volunteers to talk to. See the Useful Links page too, for more resources.

We're on Alexandra Road, S2 3EE in Heeley, off the A61 Queens Road. Buses 18, 51 and 252.

Find us on the map here.

Human Power Station: Try out our human power station bicycle and reveal your own power!

The Visitor Centre is open to schools and groups on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment.  Thursday Drop-In clinic runs from 11am - 3pm.

We have lots of information and advice on making your home warmer and on reducing your energy bills. Every Thursday we run energy advice drop-in sessions where you can bring your gas and electricity bills and we will try to save you some money by finding the cheapest tariff. We provide complete one-to-one support and organise switching directly with the energy suppliers. We can also advise on any support you may be eligible for. Our advice is free and impartial.

For more information call 0114 3039981 Ext 3.

Staying Warm Affordably

The Issue - Despite milder winters, there are between 200 - 500 excess winter deaths in Sheffield each year attributed to cold-related illnesses often exacerbated by cold, damp homes. One in every 8 households in Sheffield are defined as being in fuel poverty (12.3%, national average 11%).

Older people, householders with chronic illness or disabilities and young children are most vulnerable to poor living conditions and often suffer from recurrent chest infections, and poor circulation.  Depression and stress are also serious health implications of sub standard housing, fuel poverty and  fuel debt, and there is evidence that  children’s futures can be jeopardised by cold homes where they impact educational attainment.

SYEC is now well established and part of a city-wide referral system made up of over 60 partners including health professionals – GP’s, community support workers, voluntary organisations and community groups for affordable warmth and fuel poverty support across Sheffield. Under its Small Measures scheme, for example, draught proofing is available to households. SYEC also facilitates access to heating, boilers and insulation measures, subject to funding.

Energy Efficiency

Use of heating controls

The Energy Saving Advice Service has some helpful short videos about setting your central heating programmers, thermostats and timers :


If you'd like more help then do drop in at SYEC for friendly advice, and maybe book a home visit. 

Wall insulation - Exterior (EWI) and Interior (IWI)

You might be surprised to learn that most homes lose the majority of heat (that you've paid for!) through the walls. There are a number of different ways walls can be insulated, and a range of different materials. Call in to the Energy Centre to see examples of some of them, to discuss pros & cons, and find out about local installers. 

Underfloor heating

The Energy Centre has some underfloor heating installed, running from our ground-source heat pump. It's an efficient way of heating a room. 

Loft insulation

Loft insulation is one of the simplest and most effective ways of improving the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. We can help find grants for free insulation, can advise on choice of materials, and direct you to local installers.

Pipe lagging

A simple way to reduce water and space heating costs is to insulate the hotwater pipes. If you're decorating or got the floor-boards up for any reason, take the opportunity to lag any pipework you can reach. 

Double glazing

Find reputable installers, and get advice about what to look for in new glazing. uPVC vs Wood frames? Double vs triple glazing? 

Tips to reduce usage


Solar PV

Solar water heating

Groundsource heat pumps

Airsource heat pumps

Wind energy

Renewable Heat incentive


Low Carbon Transport - Walking


We run a weekly 'Walk for Wellbeing' - open to everyone  - a gentle one-hour walk starting out from Heeley Green, and ending with tea and a chat in the bright new hall of Church of the Nazarene.  Call Dawn Young for more info!  0114 3039981

Useful Links: Energy and Cycling

Official Customer Service reviews of energy companies (click the 'customer service' tab)

OfGEM accredited Comparison sites

Citizen's Advice energy tariff comparison site: https://energycompare.citizensadvice.org.uk/

Centre for Sustainable Energy   an independent national charity that shares knowledge and experience to help people change the way they think and act on energy. This site is packed with resources.

NEA fuel poverty campaign charity

http://www.everybodys-talking.org/ Climate Change portal for Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire - local events and resources

Links to Cycling Website

After walking (and running!), bikes are the healthiest and greenest mode of getting around - here are some online resources to help you find a bike, learn how to ride it, and find routes through and out of the city. Saddle up!

http://www.pedalready.co.uk/  Free cycle training in South Yorkshire.

Sheffield Cycle map  .pdf download

https://sheffield.cyclestreets.net/ Plan cycle routes. Add photos.

http://www.sheffieldcycleroutes.org/ "The definitive guide to getting out and about by bike in Sheffield and South Yorkshire" Suggested rides, local and longer distance routes :

http://cycle.travel/city/sheffield journey planner, routes, and biking news

http://www.ridesheffield.org.uk/map/ MTB Trail Advocacy Group for riding in and around Sheffield

http://www.cyclesheffield.org.uk/ campaigning for safer cycling in Sheffield

Past projects

Much of our work over the past few years has been to tackle and alleviate the impact of high gas and electricity bills on residents in Sheffield. We've been successful in attracting funding to run a number of projects to provide advice on insulation and damp, switching to cheaper energy deals, and actively installing small affordable draft-proofing measures for people. We also help resolve billing problems, help with debt issues, and access financial support - making sure people get the benefits they're entitled to.

Big Energy Saving Network

Since 2014 SYEC have helped 100's of people in Sheffield to save money on their energy bills by switching to cheaper providers and new tariffs. We've also helped many to access the government's £140 Warm Home Discount rebate scheme, and the free Priority Service Register to help those most in need.

We also run training for dozens of frontline workers from organisations across the city, to help them support the people they work with. Tackling high fuel bills can easily add £200-300 to a household's annual budget, enabling a significant improvement in living standard for those at the bottom of the income scale. As of 2018 we've advised over 500 frontline staff on what they can do to help their service users reduce crippling fuel bills.

Since our involvement in the Big Energy Saving Network we've talked to nearly 2500 people about their bills and staying warm at home; and we've saved vulnerable people across Sheffield well over £13000 by switching tariff!    (to March 2018).

Warm and Well

SYEC have worked as a lead partner, with Sheffield City Council, Yorkshire Housing Association and Sheffield Advice, to deliver free efficient boilers, insulation and draft-proofing to homes in the city.

The project delivered by the South Yorkshire Energy Centre aimed to provide help to those in most need and in the most deprived areas as well as other vulnerable groups. The project established a network of referral contacts that included community and health professionals who support the most vulnerable on a daily basis. A promotional leaflet and referral form were used to capture the details of people who might be eligible and staff also attended local events in libraries, food banks, community cafés and drop-ins at local venues to engage with people and collect referrals.  The project provided advice and support on energy bills and helping people to check if they were receiving the Warm Home Discount.

To help reduce energy costs further, small low-cost measures were installed in draughty homes including draught excluders, insulating tape and radiator foil to maximise heat retention. With the help of Yorkshire Housing Handyperson’s service, the project was also able to provide boiler repairs and more technical installations.

We identified 99 properties that went on to receive installments. Every new condensing boiler is likely to be saving that household around £200/year through improved efficiency, plus reducing CO2 emissions by 300kg year. Loft insulation measures have a similar impact, so that the £2400 invested in each home by the Warm and Well programme will easily be recouped through bills savings, improved comfort and better health (and reduced costs to NHS!).

Wiser and Warmer

The 'Wiser and Warmer' project, funded by Scottish Power, supported families and older people in some of the city’s most hard to reach neighbourhoods providing peer-to-peer support around energy efficiency, affordable warmth and fuel poverty. Trained volunteers helped people to gain more control over heating their home and to maximise income/reduce costs, through energy efficiency measures and specialist advice.

We reached 254 low-income households (70% under £12k/year) with advice and real assistance, directly benefitting 772 people.  For instance, over £11,000 was saved collectively by switching to cheaper tariffs! And 32 households were identified as eligible for unclaimed Warm Home Discount totalling £4,480 a year.

And there's more...we referred 30 households to the 'Warm and Well' scheme for new boiler and heating systems. With potential annual savings of £210 for each household, that's £6,300 (based on replacing an old boiler (G rated) with a new A rated condensing boiler  x 30 households).

We then followed-up with the 30 households to check that they were using the systems effectively and to look at further savings, and to review tariffs.

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